See what we’re up to

We are called to be ambassadors for Christ.

Evangelistic Outreach

Public ministry programs including health seminars, prophecy studies, and revival meetings.

Personal Bible Study

Free service provided by trained lay members for those in our community desiring to embark on a journey with Jesus.

Sabbath School

The church at study every Sabbath morning. The most important hour of the week.

Community Service

Fulfilling Christ’s ministry of compassion to those in need.


Serving our community through health seminars, lectures and supper clubs.


Connecting in a relaxed and fun atmosphere draws us together as a church family and provides a fun way to reach others for Christ.


Youth program providing cultural, social and religious education for young people ages 10 – Teens.


This family program brings the church, home and school together to help children grow spiritually.

Campus Ministry

Student led, church supported ministry to the various college and universities in the greater Kalamazoo area.

Kalamazoo Junior Academy

Serving the educational needs of young people in Kindergarten – 8th grade. For more information click the button below.